I train people how to interrogate nature through application of the sceintific method. I strive to maintain an ethos in the lab that fosters collegiality, hard work, curiousity, cutting edge technology, fun, and safety. Previous trainees I have mentored in graduate school and as a post-doc have gone on to pursue advanced degrees (eg. Ph.D., M.D., D.O., and M.S.) in biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, forensics, and medicine.

Working with students is one of the best parts about being a laboratory scientist. The students at UT-Dallas are terrific. The lab has a tremendous diversity of projects that are ideally suited for a broad range of students interested in molecular biology. If you are interested in joining the lab, the best route forward is to schedule an appointment by email and make sure to include your CV. In that initial contact, please describe why you want to do research and your prior experiences in science. I will likely schedule an interview if I am in a position to add people to the lab. Sadly, we are pressed for space. During the interview I will ask about any research experience, what you hope to accomplish in my lab, why you think this might be a good place for you, what your research interests are, what kind of project you might want to do, where you would like to go long-term and how I can help you achieve your long-term goals. These are the members of the lab -

Dr. Campbell, PI

Staff scientists

Cherry, Molecular Biology/Genomics

Post-doctoral trainees

June Bryan de la Pena, Neuropharmacology

Chi Zhang, Biochemistry

Graduate students

Vandita Bhat, Molecular genetics

Alexa Lasley, Molecular and cellular biology

Nikesh Kunder, Molecular and cellular biology

Tarjani Shukla, Molecular and cellular biology

Undergraduate students

Jane Song, Molecular and cellular biology

Patrick "Brownbeard" Smith, Molecular and cellular biology

Sanajana Rajeev, M.S. with thesis now on to her next adventure